Is it worth saving?

Dust This !

From a neglected vehicle for years, to back on the streets in no-time. The New owner "Wietse" has big plans with his Plymouth. Check out the pics to see the progress.


Aiming for 12 second runs

After installing a new stall converter and some fine tuning the Challenger runs and launches great. Erik aims for 12 second runs this season.

The Purple Haze

After a long period of changing cars, it seems that Ray finally had made up his mind. (again) This 1971 challenger is far from being a racecar, but parts are allready on the shelf and ready to install. The car isn't a real beauty yet, but hey... who cares ? Right now it's all about getting a Dutch title on the car and after that a little engine swap (318 to 440) to make it more strip worthy.


Estas Valiante !!

Saved from the junkyard by Ray, brought back to life by Roy. This 1963 Chrysler Valiant was of the streets for more than 15 years. Thanks to Roy, who ownes this cool two door Valiant it is now almost as solid when it was new.

Finally, after a few years of living without an American classic car the emptiness in Roy's life is fulfilled when he bought his nice Valiant Signet 200, witch was saved by Ray. The original plan was to paint the car and drive it but as Roy is a true craftsman and perfectionist, it didn't turned out exactly like that. Every car enthousiast knows how it works you take some parts off and then? It started with one part and now see the results, there is nothing more to take off without a grinder.

So... the plan was to take a few parts off and paint the car but, there where some spots that needed some extra attention. When time passed there were more and more parts that came off the car. After a lot of welding, cutting and grinding, Roy made some jack supports to work under the car. It took more than a week to take off the old protection layer and fix a few rust spots on the lower quarters. At some point a previous owner had replaced the floorpans in a terrible way. Those floorpans were a pain in Roy's eyes from the first moment he saw the car, and one thing was sure... they had to go ! He decided to buy new  floor pans and welded them in the car, this time “the right way”. They almost look better then new. Luckily for Roy he  had to travel to the United states for his job. When being over there he ordered a lot of parts and had them shipped to his hotel. Guess what was in his suitcase when he came home. :-) Still the fastest way to get your parts...

Unfortunatly the floor pans where too big to take into the plain, so they had to wait until the toolbox that he used for work were shipped back to the Netherlands.

Roy lost count over all the hours he spent on his project, right now he's finally putting the Valiant back together. Check out the pics to see the progress.


The Devil made me do it

This 1970 Dodge Charger started life as a Dark green 318 powered non-musclecar with automatic transmission and a 8 1/4 Rearend with highwaygears. The charger now has a 440 Big block with a radical cam, an edelbrock Torker Intake and a Holley 750 Dp. The transmission is a rebuilt and upgraded 727 Automatic with a 3000rpm 10" stall converter. And the rear axle is replaced for a 8 3/4 with suregrip 430:1 gear ratio.

We bought the charger with help from Hans and Bianca (, who shipped it to the Netherlands, it was as good as junk. It probably came from somebody's backyard where it has been sitting for about 30 years or so. Many pieces were missing or too damaged to use. There was no engine or tranny, and all of the floors were rotten. But the framerails were in great shape. So new floorpans were bought and most of all the other parts were found somewere on the internet or at  

Ray's dad has spend all of his spare time to get the car ready for it's new paint. He's a proffessional when it comes to bodywork. The guys at the bodyshop have done the excelent paintjob, the color is Pepper Grey metallic with a black bumble bee stripe around the trunk.

An other one saved from the dead.



Daddy's "BIG" Ford

This is Johans Big Ford LTD Brougham from 1974. This cruise ship has almost all the options. When he bought it the Ford Needed some cosmetic work. Johan (Ray's dad) works at and is very handy when it comes on bodywork. The vinyl roof was ripped, and caused water leakage in the cars interior. Also there were some rust spots that needed attention. Look at the pictures to see the progress.

Building a 440 for a 1968 charger

This 440 is getting a new life in a 1968 charger. The charger was original a 318, but the owner wanted some more power. check out the pics to see the progress.

"The Challenge"

Once there was a old forgotten MoPar muscle car that was spending its life at the junkyard,..... But... Those days are over now !! Thanks to Michael who could't stand the fact that this baby was going to the crusher some day. When he bought the car, he immediately bought all the new sheetmetal that was needed for a compleet ground up restoration. Only a week after he bought the car the challenger was ready for the new parts. Too bad that shipping to the Netherlands takes a long time, but in the meanwhile he's cleaning up the parts that came of the challenger and puts them away in storage, so when all the body work is done the assembly will go smooth and clean. His engine is already finished. It's a complete overhauled 318. But plans for an engine swap after the restauration are allready on the table.... But that's another story.

Just look at the pictures to see the progress.   

To "Bee" or not to Bee !

Working on the Superbee is a fun job to do, the car appears to be in a much better shape then expected. This old racer was stripped from all it's goodies, like the engine tranny and rear end and left for dead many years ago. Because the rear end was missing the car do has some rust damage at the rear framerails and lower quarter panels, due to laying in the wet grass for a long time. Other than that the car is pretty solid.

Small Overhaulin 383 HP

This used to be Ray's engine, but since Erik blew his smallblock transmission at the races in June 2008, he decided it was time for not only a rebuilt transmission, but also for more power. So the plan was made, and since they already had done some work on this 383 HP engine it was the perfect candidate for Erik's Challenger. 

After inspecting and measuring the engine, All it needed was new bearings and piston rings.

So after we purchased new race bearings, piston rings and all the hardware that was needed to rebuild the engine, we cleaned everything and started assembling.

A 383 HP engine like this was capable of delivering 300+ horsepower when it came out of the factory in 1968. Of course the time and mileage had taking there toll on this old bigblock and a lot of those horses ran away or just died of old age. To make sure the engine will run like a young stallion again a bigger cam, aluminum race heads with roller rockers, and a tunnelram setup with a Big holley 850 Double Pumper are being added. Also the original exhaust will take place for a set of full lenght headers. An aluminum electric waterpump was added for better cooling, and saves a couple of horses doing it. Of course the oilsystem was upgraded with a high volume oilpump and a new oil pickup.



Nothing's dead until it's buried !!

Turning over a old forgotten '66 coronet 440 into a pro street !

A Bigger Bang

There's been some movement in Mark's shed too, the heart transplant of his little Dart is nearly finished. He's soon going to install a brand new MSD ignition and everything else to start his new powerplant. The old engine was a slant six with 130 Hp. The new engine is a freshly rebuilt 383 V8 with a lot more horses. The transmission is a 727 automatic with a shiftkit to bring all the horsepower correctly to the 8 3/4 rearend. This is going to be a sweet little dart that's going to scare many other cars and drivers by hard launches at the traffic lights.

Check out the startup video here 



From 60 to 0 Mph in 2 seconds

It's a long time ago that Eriks challenger saw the streets, but now he's back, and how! Erik replaced his old 7 1/4" rearaxle with 2:76 highway gears for a stronger 8 3/4" with more racefriendly 3:55 gears and a suregrip differential. To make sure this rearaxle will hold the torque of the 500+ horsepower engine that Erik has planned for the near future, he also welded a brace on it. The traction bars that are on the car are handmade by no one else then himself and they work great! To make sure that his car will stop just as fast as it takes off, Erik mounted a set of Wilwood front- and rear disk brakes. Also a linelock system was added to save his rear discs from suffering during the burnout. He also added edelbrock shocks and tubular upper control arms to his ride to improve handling and performance. While busy he replaced a lot of the rubber suspension components for better and improved new ones.

Just take a look !


Power Upgrade

Erik's 1970 Dodge Challenger came from the factory with a 318 smallblock. At the races in June he blew his transmission. But instead of rebuilding his tranny, he bought Ray's 383 bigblock and rebuild a bigblock transmission. He says: don't replace broken parts with the same shit, replace them for bigger or faster parts instead.

Here are the pics,