@ The strip 2013

It finally happend. After a long period since 2006 Ray and Erik were both present at the Quartermile Internationals in July 2013 with their Dodge Challengers. It was an awesome weekend full of Sunshine. Fastest time for Erik was a 13.1 in his 1970 Challenger untill his transmission broke down. Ray drove his 1971 Challenger for the first time at the dragstrip and did a best time of 13.8


@ The strip 2009

This year @ the strip, Erik drove his challenger with the new 383 engine. Best time was a 13.70. There's still a little tuning to do, and a 12 sec. run must be possible with this setup. Because of the rain we only made 4 runs, but hey.. better than nothing ! Lucky for us nothing broke down, and the 3 hour trip to the strip and the 3 hours back went smooth as well. 

@ the strip 2008

@ the strip 2006